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Japanese analysts have fun with next-gen consoles

Dan Choi

Analysts: experienced at sowing doubt, not always so accurate when it comes to the predictioning. That said, here's the latest on the next generation of consoles from analysts based in Japan.

PS3: A Japanese release date between either April or May and June, but the software lineup's lagging, as "only eight titles have been announced for release in 2006, with just two slated for spring." Blu-ray on PS3 will not be as big a draw as DVD for the PS2, though '3 will still be top dog among consoles.

Revolution: May be in Japan as early as June, and "would still have a larger launch lineup than the PS3, even if it's released that soon."

360: Has performed lower than expectations in Japan, but may still have a chance thanks to the advantages in mass production and cost cutting that its half-year head start have given it.

The analysts may have disagreed in some areas, but they did agree as to what worldwide market share the consoles would have by the end of the year: 50% for PS3, 30% for 360, and 20% for Revolution. Analysts...

[Picture credit goes to Miki's Junk Jungle]

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