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Possible Revolution Interface #9: Going undercover

Jennie Lees

Purportedly snapped undercover at a bi-monthly Nintendo meeting, the latest in the long line of Revolution interface screens comes via Evil Avatar. If you squint a lot, you can just about make out a "nintendo RS" logo and hints of a DS connection, along with a friend management option.

A Joystiq tipster writes, "I've tried to pick it apart in Photoshop, but I'm not seeing anything wrong with the image.  If it's faked it's well done as far as I can tell." This UI certainly feels similar to the DS interface, but the second screen (click 'Continue...') may be trying a little too hard.

Possible Revolution Interface #8: the humorous approach
Possible Revolution Interface #7: they're not even trying
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Possible Revolution interface #5: leaked by mother's sister's son...
Another Revolution interface mockup
Rumored Revolution interface photo
Possible Revolution menu screen
Nintendo conducts "Virtual Console" service survey

[Thanks, Nintendo Gal and bauser]

[Update: yes, it's fake, but the depths of mock-realism astound us.]

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