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Philips' Streamium SL400i media extender reviewed

Evan Blass

Our sister blog PVR Wire just took Philips' Streamium SL400i media extender for a test drive, but unfortunately they never really got it out of first gear. Martin Conaghan  over at the 'Wire (who may be the only member of the WIN family save for the titular Blogging Baby who doesn't use 802.11) says that the initial setup couldn't be easier: simply plug the SL400i into your TV's SCART port (you do have one of those, don't you?) and the USB WiFi adapter into your PC if you're not already rocking a WLAN. From here, the Streamium is supposed to catalog all of your media files using the included software, and provide you with a pain-free way to transfer content back and forth with the mothership. Well it apparently performed the first of these tasks swimmingly, but only allowed Martin a few precious minutes of actual streamiuming before conking out, making a brief revival, and then going down for the count (oh SL400i review unit, although we hardly knew ye, R.I.P.). PVR Wire's suggestion to SCART-carrying Brits is to save their 180 pounds ($320) and spend their hard-earned quid elsewhere, perhaps on a unit that even supports DRM and Xvid files.

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