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Proof that Apple will be launching a mobile service?

Scott McNulty

Take this with several grains of salt, but an anonymous tipster has sent the above photo to us of what appears to be an Apple branded SIM card (or an iTunes gift card modified to look like a SIM card). Our tipster says that Apple is about 85% ready to roll out a cell service using the moniker Mobile Me, which was recently trademarked. Apple will be using Cingular's network and Motorola's hardware.

We are told that the service is on track to launch sometime in February (or so we are told).

Update: I should point out that our source isn't claiming that the phone pictured is the fabled iPhone (it is a Samsung SGH x497). He claims that the SIM card is Apple's.

Update II: Our friends at Engadget also got the same tip that we did, so check out their take on it.

Another picture after the jump.

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