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Breakfast Topic: Girls get free stuff

Jennie Lees

This Slashdot thread got me thinking: what is it with girls and free stuff in WoW? We've touched on it before, but this thread goes into more depth.

Firstly, people seem to assume that female characters get free stuff. Guys then admit to playing said female characters, and vehemently deny any ulterior motivations, trundling out the same old "If I'm going to be staring at an ass, it may as well be a nice one" line again and again.

I have female characters of every race, because I like exploration, and playing different races is part of that. However, I've never even had a whiff of free stuff for it. Not even when dancing semi-naked in Ironforge, with gnomes /whistling at me. An orc I met who was doing the same thing in Orgrimmar was raking the tips in, and admitted to being a guy -- is it that guys know how to play their audience?

Why do you play a female character? Ever had a surfeit of gifts or unwanted attention ingame?

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