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Chocolate Xbox 360 controller just like we asked for

Vladimir Cole

Ya'll remember when we bitched about how the plastic used for the Xbox 360 system doesn't taste nearly as good as chocolate? Some of you agreed with us. Reader "Crummy" wrote, "I AM DISGUSTED AT THE BLATANT DISREGARD FOR THE CONSUMER AND WILL BE SPENDING MY MONEY AT MORE CUSTOMER FRIENDLY EDIBLE COMPANIES." Not every reader agreed with us though. Some unimaginative readers thought that our dream of a more edible 360 was a bad idea. One reader (who we can only assume arrived here from IGN) wrote:

"Wow, wtf planet are you people on Joystiq from? You find it annoying that the 360 isnt made of chocolate? Perhaps you should remind yourselves that if it were, you would have a big puddle of chocolate and silicon goo since the 360 is already just a hair away from setting every 360 owner's house on fire."

Despite the disagreement, it's clear that Microsoft was reading Joystiq, because they've released an ultra-limited* edition Xbox 360 controller made of sweet, sweet chocolate. Just in time for Valentine's day.

Take that, rewind it back.

* By limited, we mean just one.

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