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Download Survivor, but not via iTunes


File this under "What are they thinking?" CBS has announced that it will offer downloads of its mega-popular reality show Survivor: Panama* at $1.99 a pop. But here's the catch: The episodes will "expire" 24 hours after purchase, will not be iPod compatible and will not be sold via iTunes ( will distribute them). CBS's president of digital media Larry Kramer told Ruters, "We want to go gradually. We've never done this before."

I honestly do understand Mr. Kramer's hesitation. It's a new marketing venture and they don't want to get burned. But we know that the networks get the majority of the cut from iTunes sales. Plus, why would I pay for something that's going to "break" in a day? That's like saying, "After you listen to this CD once, I'm coming to your house and taking it away from you."

*Does anyone else think the theme should be changed to Panama by Van Halen for this season?

[Via MacDailyNews]

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