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Fanboy Roundup: That's a good look for you

Let's talk redesigns! DS Fanboy has an interesting consideration of Nintendo's converging design aesthetic, from the Game Boy micro, to the Revolution controller, to the new DS lite. PSP Fanboy wonders where the different colors are in Sony's black & white world; you could always upgrade the look of your PSP with a nice external battery though. And, with the announcement of the first replaceable cases for the console, Xbox 360 Fanboy considers the impending surge of Xbox 360 case modders. Here are the Fanboy highlights for the week:

DS Fanboy
Linux on the DS: Now with Wi-Fi support
Nintendo Power has a flood of Metroid Prime Hunters info
Nintendo: Converging design

PSP Fanboy
Pigs fly! Get eight hours of play on a PSP!
Multicolored PSPs missing in action
Will Rez sound off on the PSP?

Xbox 360 Fanboy
Radeon equivalent to Xbox 360 over $500
Xbox 360 replacement case concepts
Xbox 360 could still be MIA through spring

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