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Fifth NTP patent gets non-final rejection

Evan Blass

We apologize in advance to those of you who are a bit tired of hearing every little twist and turn of "As The BlackBerry Turns," but we've made our bed and now we feel obligated to sleep in it by continuing our obsessive coverage until a definitive outcome is reached (our guess: 2012). In a move that probably surprised about five people, the US Patent and Trademark Office just issued a non-final rejection on the fifth, and last, of the NTP patents that are at the center of their epic lawsuit against RIM. Unfortunately for those "pushy" Canadians, the USPTO will not issue final rejections of the patents for several months, which means that they are still valid for the purposes of the federal district court injunction hearing on February 24. Stay tuned to this station for the next excruciatingly painful and insignificant episode of ATBT, which will probably air in the next few hours.

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