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LCoS HD displays reviewed by ExtremeTech

Marc Perton

We'd like to be able to get our hands on even one high-end LCoS display, but the team at ExtremeTech have really got us turning green, since they actually got to check out five models, all but one over 50 inches (and that one is a 48-inch pro model with a $45,000 price tag). ExtremeTech subjected the sets to a set of, well, extreme, tests, to determine both whether LCoS as a technology lives up to its hype, and which of these individual sets should rule your home theater. Their conclusions? You'll have to wait for Part B of their review (ah, what teasers they are!). But, in the meantime, you can check out their detailed explanation of how LCoS works, and drool over the pics of the sets. We know we will.

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