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Meta Review - Mega Man Maverick Hunter X


Mega Man Maverick Hunter X may be a retooled, polygonized version of a 1997 Super Nintendo title, but according to the review hounds that be it has enough newfangled stuff to satiate fans of the original as well as fresh arrivals to the franchise. A brand new mode that allows players to tackle the game as the anti-hero Vile, replete with enhanced weapons and vehicles, adds to the replay value, although anyone who's even had a small taste of the game's high difficulty level will probably gnash their teeth with this extra. Still, we like this trend of upgrading established 2D games to 3D. Heck, if they're going to port an eight-year old game over to the PSP, it might as well get a boost in the visual department.

Here's what the official reviews have to say about this side-scrollin' classic:

1UP [7.0] – "While MHX isn't a definitive reinvention of a classic along the lines of Metroid: Zero Mission, it's a solid re-creation that's been given an exceptional audiovisual upgrade. Mega Man fans are the primary audience here, but anyone who appreciates a well-crafted action game should find something to like."

GameSpot [8.1] – "For as great as Maverick Hunter X is, it is still based on a fairly short side-scroller.... Fortunately, there's additional content to beef up the package.... Maverick Hunter X proves that games like this one can still be impressive in this day and age when given the proper treatment and care."

IGN [8.0] – "Maverick Hunter X will satiate old-time fans, yet it packs enough new content to draw new players. It's a little on the short side, but it's intense, fun and very challenging."

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