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RIM-competitor Good sued by NTP-ally Visto

Evan Blass

We're sure that there's a soap opera or at least an after-school special to be made surrounding the ongoing drama in the wireless email industry. As if the RIM/NTP saga wasn't juicy enough, NTP-partner Visto has just filed a suit against RIM-competitor Good Technology charging, guess what- that the GoodLink service is infringing on Visto patents. This is the third such major suit brought by Visto, who have previously targeted Microsoft (for push email in Windows Mobile 5, and not for calling their upcoming OS "Vista") and Seven Networks, but unlike NTP (who have seen all of their patents stricken down by the USPTO) a reaffirmation of one of Visto's patents in the Seven case seems to give Visto's claim some foundation. There's a good lesson in this for all the Junior Achievers out there: if you grow up to be a patent troll, and you've spent years in court spouting prior art this and injunction that, make sure to hedge your bets by aligning yourself with another lawsuit-happy company whose bargaining position is a bit stronger.

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