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Student Games Coming to Revolution?


DigiPen Institute of Technology is often referred to as a "feeder" school for Nintendo, with many of its graduates being directly employed by Nintendo. Go Nintendo has rumored that the games created by students at DigiPen will be available from the Revolution's downoad service. The list of games that will be provided (if the rumor proves true) is huge. Too big, in my opinion, to be feasible, but if Nintendo only picks the top 10-15 of each graduating class, it will be a big event. I could see the release of the best games being just as highly anticipated as those by professional developers, especially if they are reasonably priced.

This rumor is similar to the game download service available over Xbox Live, with one primary exception. There is currently no good way for a brilliant young developer to get recognition until he or she has spent years working for a major developer. This mechanic will provide an easy way for new, good games to gain instant access to a wide audience.

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