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PS3 titles listed for Oct. 1st and ready for pre-order

Dan Choi

GameStop has begun to take pre-orders of PS3 games, with all 32 titles currently listed priced at $59.99 and stamped with a Pre-Release ETA of 10/1/06. No word yet on console pre-orders.

Among the titles offered are a few familiar to 360 owners, including Condemned: Criminal Origins and Peter Jackson's King Kong, but most of the games on GameStop's list are Sony exclusives such as Devil May Cry 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Vision Gran Turismo.

Wal-Mart also has a page up for the PS3, but so far it doesn't have a notice like the Revolution page telling you to "[c]ome back soon to find out when you can reserve the new Revolution online at" At any rate, we'll probably have to wait till May for stores to really open the console pre-order floodgates. Then the fun (and the madness) can truly begin.

[Thanks, Draco, Siraris, SuicideNinja, Gio, & Daniel M.]

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