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Super Bowl Tickets or total HDTV package?

Matt Burns

Super Bowl XL is almost here and you don't have tickets, do you? eBay has you covered though; I found a set of VIP Suite Tickets that are going for $6,500 at the time this post was written. Now, would you spend that much money for a night of football bliss or would you put that wad of cash towards a great HDTV package? Check out what that same $6,500 can get you in our proposed package.

Ultimate Super Bowl party package = $6,496.82
Super Bowl Tickets = $6,499.99

This is a difficult choice. Two tickets for a day of football or our ultimate Super Bowl Party; not only this year, but every year afterwards. Well, I guess you will need to get more pizzas and beer. What would you do? Take the tickets or the package?

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