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The anti-McDonald's video game


With mainstream adver-gaming peeking over the horizon, it's encouraging to see that there's still a few people out there creating games with a distinct anti-corporate streak. The other week we showed you a game that demonstrated the boredom of working in a Kinkos photocopying shop, and now comes a game tackling the fast food mega-corporation McDonald's.

The game features a very long disclaimer, but it's pretty clear from the start that this is a strongly anti-McD video game. As part of your daily duties you'll plant GM-crops, feed your cows hormones and bribe local officials so you can grab more land. The game has a sarcastic Sims-like feel that makes it all the more entertaining. And yes, we did just use "entertaining" in the context of a political game. Progress!

[Via we make money not art]

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