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Breakfast Topic: Cross-platform?

Jennie Lees

Given the imminent launch of Final Fantasy XI for the Xbox 360, surely Blizzard have their thinking caps on at the moment. Many people have postulated that WoW for the 360 is a question of "when", not "if", but with a 5.5 million player-base, do Blizzard really need to move to a new platform? It would doubtless help sales of the 360 along, especially for those who can't afford a high-spec gaming PC, but going cross-platform (especially given the different networking and input methods) is a lot of hassle.

Blizzard's Mac compatibility has been highly praised, and the Windows client works fairly well under Linux (using Cedega) -- I've put many happy hours in on all three platforms. If it were to move to a console, the 360 is an obvious choice, especially as you can plug in USB peripherals. However, a network-enabled Nintendo DS or Sony PSP -- or even a mobile phone -- version of WoW would be interesting, perhaps allowing you to check auctions and craft items on the move.

Would you play WoW on a console? Do you think you would get more friends addicted if it were available? Or would balancing and porting be a bad thing, forcing Blizzard to divide their attention?

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