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Cellphones are dangerous/not dangerous, the lost episode

Marc Perton

When last we visited our hero, the beleaguered cellphone user seemed to be in the clear: a British study had apparently found "no evidence that using a cell phone has an effect on the development of tumors." But in a startling twist, it now appears that those results may not be accurate. A recent German study of cellphone users found that the risk of glioma -- a form of brain cancer -- doubled after 10 years of use. Another study, conducted by Orebro University in Sweden, found an increased risk of acoustic neuromas in long-term users of cellphones. And critics continue to question the interpretation of the results of the British study, saying that the results do, in fact, imply a greater risk to phone users. Will cellphone users develop cancer? Can they protect themselves by using headsets? Or are they doomed to a life of shouting into tin cans connected by very long strings in order to protect themselves from deadly diseases? Find out in our next exciting episode!

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