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iPod Accessories a One Billion Dollar Business


If you ever wonder why TUAW seems to be an iPod accessories blog some days, you may stop to reflect on this fact: the iPod accessories market accounted for 1 billion dollars last year and is still in an upswing.

A New York Times article released today [warning registration required] enumerates the growing market of iPod add-ons. As I personally had the chance to talk one-on-one with Griffin representatives at the last Paris Apple Expo, I can confirm that manufacturers of add-ons do take the iPod market seriously, and for good reason. Even if manufacturers find themselves scrambling when a new revision of iPod is released, the competition is steep and well worth the effort.

Another interesting note from the NYTimes article is that iPod cases have 50 percent profit margins for vendors while circuit-based accessories only 25 percent.

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