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Original Xbox thoroughly hacked

Our friend Eliot, from hack a day, has tipped us off to the latest and greatest in the Xbox hacking scene. TheSpecialist, a hacker on the forums, has managed to play a backup DVD without using a modchip/softmod. Eliot explains, "He ripped the challenge response data block from RalliSport Challenge and then patched that chunk into the firmware of the drive. So now, no matter what disc is placed into the drive, when the Xbox checks authenticity, the DVD firmware spits out the RalliSport Challenge code instead of checking the disk." Clever!

Unfortunately, The Specialist didn't want to release the hack to the public, explaining, "I understand that releasing this hack would have major impact. Althought I serioulsy [sic] doubt that releasing a firmware *patcher* is illegal, I don't want to take my chances on it :-) I think anybody who wants to do something like that should ask himself if it's worth all the trouble he might get into. I feel it's not. That's why I'm not releasing anything."

How long before the hack is readily available for everyone to use?

[Thanks, Eliot]

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