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Apple Special Event - Feb 22nd - Airport Video?

Damien Barrett

We've known Apple's planning a special media event for a week or so, but didn't know the precise date or what would be announced. On Flickr today, someone has posted up what claims to be an image used on the event invitation. It is quite clearly an Airport Express Base Station. Might this be the long-rumored update to the Airport Express to allow streaming video?

Thanks to everyone who submitted this tip.

Update: TUAW has no confirmation whatsoever that:  1) anything will be announced or released on Feb. 22nd, 2) that it will be an Airport Express, iPod, mystery-doodad, or 3) anything Apple-related at all will happen on Feb. 22nd. This link and date were submitted as a tip and is treated as a rumor. This post is even clearly classified in the rumor category. TUAW is not responsible for your level of disappointment or inability to reconcile reality with your expectations. Have a nice day.

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