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Did you take advantage of the Super Bowl?

Matt Burns

Well, the game is only a few hours away and if you haven't got your new HDTV yet, you better have a big truck and be able to find one in stock. We all know by now that this last week is huge for HDTV sales, but we are curious to know if you bought one because you are a true fan or because the true fans bring down the price for the rest of us.

Don't get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of a great sale, but did the Super Bowl really have any barring on purchasing a new HDTV? There really was some great sales to be had, and we are sure the retailers and manufacturers are going to announce "record HDTV" sales in a few weeks, but did you take advantage of it?

Me? No. I love the Super Bowl and football alike, but it did not drive me to purchase a new HDTV. Maybe if I was hosting the party this year, a bigger one would be cool, but not this time around. Maybe next year though.

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