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Fight Night 360 K.O.'s current-gen contenders


According to 1UP's recent multiplatform comparison, Fight Night Round 3 for the Xbox 360 looks to be the first next-gen title that will pull away from its current-gen brethren. To date, ten titles featured in the 360's library are also available on the PS2 & Xbox. And while critics agree that these next-gen editions are prettier, some titles, namely Madden, are so stripped down in the features department that it's tough to recommend them over the current-gen offerings—and let's not forget that King Kong 360 was nearly unplayable on standard definition TVs.

Thankfully, this trend is all set to change with the launch of Fight Night Round 3. The 360 version is the definitive version, featuring improved visuals and animations that actually enhance the gameplay, including the Playdough-face super punch replays—and in this case, the fact that the game lacks a feature the PS2 & Xbox versions have, the HUD, is a good thing. To be fair, the current-gen versions will include all of the new gameplay features added to the 360 version in addition to a real-time ESPN news ticker (apparently "online technology overseas" prevented its inclusion in the 360 version). So, those that have not made the upgrade will still have a good game on their hands, but they may never understand what all the fuss is about.

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