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Kryptext for encrypted SMS, naturally

Ryan Block, @ryan

We don't know the last time you had to send around some passwords, nuclear launch codes, or otherwise valuable and volatile information, but if you're the type who worries about encrypting your transmissions you may want to catch a gander at Kryptext, a Symbian Series 60 app that stores, reads, and transmits encrypted text messages -- presumably only to other Kryptext installs. Just don't rely on it too heavily, a lot solutions that promise complete security can really be complete snake oil, and if you've got important world-shattering confidential information to send this may not be the method for you. Then again, perhaps you should just lighten up a little and let the fraction of a fraction of a percent chance that you'll get cracked or have your phone stolen and analyzed fall to the wayside. We mean, seriously, if you're only spending £6.99 to lock down those secrets, you're probably not losing sleep over how secure they really are against, say, the NSA.

[Via Textually]

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