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Possible trick for syncing Firefox bookmarks via iDisk

David Chartier

In the grand quest for methods of syncing Firefox bookmarks between machines (a la .Mac syncing of Safari bookmarks), a friend of mine passed along a tip he found at a friend's blog. The tip involves creating a user.js file in your Firefox profile directory, then creating a Firefox folder in your iDisk/Documents directory. The tip is simple enough, but there's just one catch: I can't get it to work yet, so I thought I'd post it to see if any of you enterprising TUAW readers will have better luck.

Playing with this tip inspired me to try a trick of my own which didn't seem to work either: placing Firefox's bookmarks.bak and bookmarks.html files in my iDisk, and then simply point at those files with aliases from within Firefox's profile directory. Again, no luck. While I don't necessarily mean to be posting tips that don't work, I thought these might be good ideas that could get us somewhere, without the need for installing extra software like Foxmarks. Although, to its credit, Foxmarks does get the job done fairly well; I'm just interested in the possibility of a .Mac Firefox bookmark syncing solution, devoid of extras or plugins.

Anyone get something like this to work?

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