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Have it your way: With GarageBand


First Trent Reznor did it. Now it's The King's turn. No, not Elvis. I mean The Burger King. During last weekend's Super Bowl, Burger King ran an ad that featured a good, old-fashioned musical production number, complete with dancers dressed like Whopper components (the meat patty dress was especially disturbing). If you wish you could relive that moment, or if you think you could do better with the music itself, rejoice. BK has made the "Whopperettes" music available for download as a GarageBand project.* Make your own brainwashing propaganda enchanting jingle on your Mac.

Does anyone else want a Whopper all of a sudden?

*There's no direct link, so once you're on the site, click "Bonus Material" and then "Music."

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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