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Is this the Canon EOS 35D?

Marc Perton

Norwegian camera site has posted some pics of a camera the site claims is Canon's next DSLR, the 35D. The pics are significantly sharper than last month's images, courtesy of a Chinese site, that purported to show a camera referred to as the 30D, and look like professional product shots. According to, the camera is due to be announced at a Canon press conference in Oslo on February 21, and is expected to be a 10 megapixel model. We weren't aware that Oslo was the center of the photographic universe, so we're not sure why Canon's press conference is being held there, especially since PMA is just a few days later in Orange County (which isn't the center of the photographic universe either, but will be for a few days). We'll reserve judgment for now, and will resist all temptation to lump the Norwegian press conference invitation in with other interesting invitations we've seen recently.

[Thanks, Frank]

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