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Find a mate, win a TiVo for Valentine's Day

Evan Blass

Here's a new one: TiVo is holding a publicity event where they're giving away 14 boxes with lifetime subscriptions - no big deal, until you find out that it's a speed dating event, where attendees will be matched up by their favorite TV programs. If we didn't hear this from Dave Zatz we'd swear it was a joke, but sure enough TiVo is actually hosting a singles meetup on February 13th at a "bar in the hippest downtown San Francisco hotel," wherever that is. Not only do you get a shot at the TiVo swag, you also gets two free drinks and a packet of "Thumbs Up/Down" stickers to rate people on your scorecard or more likely all over the back of their shirts. We predict that the most successful guys of the night will have put down Sex & the City, Lost, and Desperate Housewives on their "Now Playing List," while the unhappiest gents will have listed Star Trek, Star Trek: TNG, and Star Trek: DS9 (you might be okay with Voyager, but we wouldn't risk it).

[Via Zatz Not Funny]

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