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Mayor Bloomberg cracks down on Solitaire-playing employee


A NYC legislative office worker, ill-versed in "minimize" tactics, was fired after Mayor Michael Bloomberg spotted a game of Solitaire on the man's computer screen. Bloomberg had just completed a photo op with Edward Greenwood IX, the now unemployed office assistant, when he spotted the infamous time wasting application. Bloomberg later told Greenwood's supervisor to give him the ax.

When questioned about the incident, the mayor responded, "The workplace is not an appropriate place for games." In his defense, Greenwood, who had worked at the legislative office for six years and earned just $27,000, claimed that he only played Solitaire during his lunch hour or for brief bouts when he needed a break. But Bloomberg wasn't buying the excuse, commenting, "There's nothing wrong with taking a break, but during the business day, at your desk, that's not appropriate behavior."

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