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Henrico County to continue using Macs

Dan Pourhadi

Remember The Battle of Henrico, where thousands of Mac-craved cheapskates gathered to purchase student-abused iBooks for $50, resulting in a Lord of the Rings-like skirmish that made the typically-unimpassioned PC world pause and wonder why the hell anybody would be so enthusiastic over a fricken' beaten-up old laptop? The County was liquidating machines it had provided its students the previous years as part of a deal with Apple to test the increasingly-popular everyone-gets-a-computer programs popping up all over the country.

Well, good news from that front: Apple beat out Dell in securing a new contract to continue providing laptops to Henrico County's middle school students: "On a 3-1 vote, the School Board last night approved a four-year contract worth nearly $16 million. ...The new contract will begin after the current four-year pact with Apple ends June 30. ...The new contract is for 12,675 iBook laptops at a cost of $1,246 each."

What's interesting is that Dell even underbid Apple by a whole $125 ($1,246 vs. $1,111 for the Dells), and yet the County still chose to stick with the Mac.

Who knows: With ambition in their hearts and iBooks in their bags, maybe the country's youth do still have a chance in the dog-eat-dog World of Tomorrow.

[via MacDailyNews]

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