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AVerTV USB tuner for WMCE

Kevin C. Tofel

AVerMedia's AVerTV USB MCE external TV tuner is a step in the right direction for folks without a tuner or available expansion card slot in their Windows Media Center PC. The $129 device is USB 2.0 capable and provides MPEG-2 hardware compression, which is generally faster than software compression. If you need a primary or even secondary tuner, this is a simple add-on, but there's only one problem as the tuner is NTSC-only. WMCE requires an NTSC tuner (we still don't understand that one) for you to configure an ATSC tuner, so this could still be helpful for some folks. We tried to check for an MPEG-4 or ATSC solution, but the company's domain expired a week ago, so all we see is static.

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