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HDTV Game of the Week


Now that the high definition gaming era is upon us (or not, depending on who you believe), we'd hope to see a lot more of these posts, but there has been a bit of a post-Christmas drought in the videogame lineup. That's coming to an end as the Xbox 360 gets a new game this week, Full Auto, not to mention lots of HD resolution trailers and screens from upcoming games.

Unfortunately despite all the Playstation 3 news as of late, we have no new trailers or images for you.

For the Xbox 360, Sega is releasing Full Auto this week, if you haven't already downloaded the demo from the Xbox Live Marketplace just know it is a racing game with guns, where finishing first and blowing up your opponents generally go hand in hand. Everything on screen can be destroyed, and while the game doesn't have the visual polish of say PGR3, there are a lot of things blowing up and sparkling all over the place. The demo had some intermittent frame rate issues though, so we'll see if those have been fixed when it ships tomorrow.

HD Trailers
  • Former HDTV game of the week Battlefield 2: Modern Combat shows why it has an excellent chance to repeat, with a 720p trailer of the upcoming Xbox 360 version of the game
  • Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter shows off with 720p screens, and a high definition trailer
  • Burnout: Revenge is also coming to the Xbox 360 soon and here is a trailer
  • For the Xbox and PS2 owners out there, Black is coming later this month and here is some gameplay, unsatisfyingly low resolution though. If anyone can find a higher quality trailer, please let me know in the comments

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