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Remove commercials and compress HD files with DVRMSToolbox

Kevin C. Tofel

Want to shrink down or convert some of the DVR-MS high-def files on your WMCE machine? How about stripping (no not that kind) commercials out of your favorite HD recordings with a $10 add-in? Enter DVRMSToolbox, a 3.2MB download that lets you do that and more. The freeware application also converts your television recordings to WMA or MPEG-2 as well, which gives you just a little more freedom from that WMCE box. The free tool can be paired with the Dragon Global ShowAnalyzer for ten clams, which helps remove those commericals and frees up your FF finger for other uses. No, we don't want to know.

Dave Mathews tipped us off to the free app, and he provides some insight on how he's shrinking every 4.3GB episode of "24" into a 2.6GB file without commercials or losing any audio or video quality. Looks like Edgar and Chloe have some technical competition at CTU aside from Senator McCain!

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