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6G iPod pics (aka Photoshop is fun!)


Reader, bl8ant writes in with this email: "6gen ipod images? hi, dont know if they are real or where they came from (other than on a server connected to a computer at a desk at a certain company that i'm freelancing at), but i can't find this version anywhere on the web, so who knows? anyway, it's a cool idea, real or not. where can i email or upload them to you at? they're 2 jpegs, low res. —bl8ant" So, I emailed him with our address and he sent in the pic here and the second one that can be found after the jump in this post.

They look real to me. Real fake that is. Still cool look and concept, but imagine the lawsuits and scratching complaints that would arise if Apple really did go this route... I'd still probably buy one, but as you know by now, I'll buy anything.

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