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Aigo MP-P335 and P838 Linux-based PMPs with DMB and GPS


Looks like Aigo will be launching their new MP-P335 and MP-P835 Linux-based PMPs at CeBit next month. The P335 will sport your choice of 20 or 30GB disk, a 16-Million color 480 x 272 pixel 16:9 widescreen LCD (size not listed!), mic, integrated speakers, USB-On-The-Go hosting support, and capable of MP3, WMA and MPEG-1/2/4, DivX, XviD media playback. It will pump up to 10 hours audio or 5 hours of vid off its removable battery and can record audio/video via line-in just like the Archos AV500. The P835 ups the screen to 7-inches and bumps the disk options up to your choice of 40 or 120GB and thows in T-DMB and GPS options... g'damn! No word on pricing or actual product delivery but we'll hunt these pups down at CeBit and bring you the word laters.

[Thanks, bigouz]

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