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Bethesda: "Fallout 3 is our baby"

Ross Miller

Speaking to CVG about--you guessed it--Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Bethesda's Pete Hines gave a brief statement on the status of Fallout 3, the post-apocalyptic PC game that was as humorous as it was involved. Hines noted that he is really excited by what he has seen so far, and that his team is "approaching Fallout 3 as if we developed the first and second games--we're developing it just like we developed Oblivion." Hines is hoping that Bethesda's final product that will "move the series forward...while staying true to its roots."

The story of Fallout 3 is as long and involved as the plot of the original Fallout. The game, code-named Van Buren, went into production sometime after the 1998 release of Fallout 2. Developers Black Isle Studios, however, was closed down by Interplay in 2003, who later went bankrupt and sold the rights to Bethesda. Bethesda has been working on Fallout 3 since 2004. Does that qualify Fallout 3 as vaporware material? Hopefully we will know more about the title before too long. Hines has in the past stated that he plans to release Fallout 3 as a multi platform title.

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