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South Korea to build a "mobile paradise"

Evan Blass

The South Korean Ministry of Information and Communication has apparently heard the legend of the Engadget Mansion--where a multitude of wireless signals peacefully cohabitate the airwaves--as they've recently announced plans to transform one of the country's districts into a Mansion-like "mobile paradise." Ubiquitous WAN, WLAN, and digital TV signals await the lucky residents of the M1 project, or "Pimp my District" as we like to call it, who will have a choice of CDMA/EV-DO, GSM/UMTS, and WiBro networks plus DVB-H, MediaFlo, and T-DMB terrestrial DTV formats. This project is part of a larger long-term technology roadmap for South Korea, known as u-IT839, which was codified in 2004 and updated this year to reflect advancements in fields like RFID and IT services. Although we certainly envy the as-yet-undetermined district about to get bathed in a flood of data-goodness, we'd like to point out that there are already thousands of mobile paradises right here in the US- we call them Starbucks.

[Via Smart Mobs]

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