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NBC Olympics HD coverage from an insider

Kevin C. Tofel

The "HD Engineer," as he's known, has just fired up a blog providing behind the scenes info and pics at the Torino Olympics. HD Engineer is a broadcast engineer working with NBC on the high-def coverage and has some tidbits o' info on what's really happening with the coverage. There's not much content on the blog yet (so we'll be watching), and we mostly knew this anyway:
  • TOBO is the host broadcaster providing coverage to other venues without any commentary.
  • Filming is mostly in HD, but some is in 16:9 digital SD.
  • The uncompressed coverage is 1.5 Gbps.
  • Different distribution methods are clearly varying the content quality.
Check out the blog for some pics you wouldn't normally get a chance to see, such as the Master Control room and a map of the International Broadcast Center.

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