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Breakfast Topic: To gank or not to gank?

Jennie Lees

Call me a carebear if you like, but I've long since tired of being ganked, and as a result I've spent most of my levelling time on a PvE server. I've recently gone back to my PvP server characters, and I've suddenly found a complete lack of ganking going on.

The change that prompted me to abandon the characters in the first place was the introduction of the honor system, which seemed to worsen the experiences. Whether due to the Battlegrounds or the lack of bloodlust on this old server, however, it all seems much nicer now--or perhaps I'm just more clued up as to where to go and how to avoid the Alliance.

As players level on PvP servers, I've often heard that they'll gank lower levels in "revenge" for their own experiences, continuing the vicious cycle. Sometimes ganking goes above and beyond reason, though. What's your opinion on ganking? Is it still as much a problem as it ever was?

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