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Breaking news: Sony's UMDs aren't selling well

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Sony, you think just because you (half) invented the CD you're entitled to foist upon the world format after crappy format, but how long until you listen up? MiniDisc, and Memory Stick (Pro, Duo, Pro Duo, M2, etc.), there's a good reason they didn't stick like you'd hoped and still arouse the ire of consumers everywhere. But please, just don't act all surprised that the UMD isn't taking, and that studio after studio is cutting back UMD releases, according to Variety; Warner's nixing six future UMD titles, stating they're "disappointed with consumer demand [in UMD] at this time." Virgin, UMD's biggest buyer to date, isn't making more room  for new UMDs, either, stating "the overall impact of the format has still been nominal." You guys want to know why though? Here's some free market advice: UMD only plays in one device (the PSP), and the format is so closed consumers can't even buy recordable UMDs (and never will be able to), let alone play them in other devices. Where's the "universal" in this media disc?

P.S. Variety mentioned a couple of time's SCEA's plans to move more UMDs: a Sony TV adapter for the PSP. Sounds like a natural fit (after some especially unnatural hacks), but we have a feeling perhaps Variety might just be confusing this with the PSP's newfound ability to play LocationFree TV streams.

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