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Copy-protection on next-gen DVDs is killing the future

Kevin C. Tofel

More doom and gloom today on the DRM front as we get closer to HD-DVD and Blu-Ray launches. CNET's take on the situation hit the web today and they're warning consumers about the necessary evils brought about by HDCP and the yet to be completed AACS standard. When will Hollywood and other related industries realize that by not working together, all of their time and money on the new formats will be wasted? If they're not sure what we mean, just go talk to the folks behind SACD and DVD-Audio. All of the confusing terms and the "will this disc play in my house?" questions are simply going to kill what could have been high-definition heaven.

When the general public starts to truly understand the limitations of the DRM strategies and hear that their new content will only play at half of the best resolution, do you really think they're going to shell out hundreds of dollars for new gear? Why should they? At this point, we're thinking of renewing our subscription to the Columbia House DVD club just for spite.

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