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LCoS shootout continues with part three

Kevin C. Tofel

The LCoS round up continues with part three of four over at ExtremeTech. In the latest installment, we get to the good stuff: test pattern analysis and viewing opinions from the 34 lucky dogs that got their peepers on the five test sets. Right up front, all but one of the sets in the shootout get a grade of "A" or "A-" for the test pattern evaluations. JVC's HD-61Z886 consumer edition set shown above scored a "B-" here,due to some artifacting that didn't appear on the rest of the bunch as well as a 4% overscan issue. The same general grading results followed suit in the viewing tests and it's worth a note that JVC's profession edition, the DLA-HRM1, came out on top here with the highest marks. Then again, with a list price of $44,995, it should have, since it's actually a reference monitor.

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