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Booth babes alive and well at Taipei Game Show

Alan Rose

And it's nice to see Sony officials are still connecting them to PSPs so the fanboys can get up close to these lovely young ladies. Of course, those Sixties go-go outfits and Playboy bunny ears don't hurt either.

While booth babe censorship at E3 turned out to be little more than hot air from event managers, it's only a matter of time before some parent cries foul and goes all Jack Thompson on the trade show industry because their kid saw a little too much thigh. In this age of political correctness, can it be long before vendor booths are completely enclosed and tagged with ESRB ratings at the entrance? Soon, we'll have nothing but mascots to mingle with--"Yo, Sonic! What's up?" "Lookin' good, Mario!" If we're lucky, maybe they'll throw in a Princess Peach.

Until then, which vendor/show has the best booth babes?

[Thanks, Tim!]

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