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Disney's MovieBeam first look - Designtechnica

Kevin C. Tofel

We talk about the Disney MovieBeam in our HDBeat podcast and Designtechnica posted their first look as well. Spec-wise, the unit has a 160GB hard drive and 200 Mhz processor, which we generally knew. There's a complete list of the 29 cities where the service is available, but remember that roughly 10 of the movie choices are in high-def, plus each one costs an additional $1 over the standard $3.99 new release VOD charge: same content but a different resolution still commands a premium. One thought we have that nobody seems to have questioned: how long will it take to actually download an HD movie over the datacasting service? It might not be an issue, since the box is always updating, but we're curious. I'd ask for a demo, but neither of my two older HDTVs have HDMI with HDCP support, so I'm SOL and we're betting some of you are too.

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