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HDBeat Podcast 001 - 02.17.06

Kevin C. Tofel
Welcome to the first HDBeat Podcast! We hope you enjoyed the beta; now it's time for the real deal, although our first sound attempt is sketchy. Bear with us since we're 1,000 miles apart; we will make it better but we can't promise 5.1 Digital Dolby! Today is precisely three years before the analog TV shutdown and we chat about various HD news from this week and give our humble opinions on all things high-def.

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Ben Drawbaugh and Kevin C. Tofel

Ben Drawbaugh

42:22, 19.4 MB, MP3

Bush signs DTV bill into Law
New TI chip for HD on a phone
Widescreen iPod video is next?
MovieBeam HD box from Disney
Radiospire: HDTV with no wires
24 cameo by...Senator McCain?
NBC's Olympic Coverage
Universal-HD's coverage of the Olympics
TNT-HD coming to DIRECTV
How to connect your PC to your HDTV
Got HDCP? Think again
AACS still not finished: is this intentional?
Sony announces wholesale Blu-Ray movie prices
Initial HD-DVDs to be 1080i
Playstation 3 price rumors: $599 for Blu-ray movies?
Playstation 3 1080p gaming in the cards?
Remove commercials and compress HD files with DVRMSToolbox


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