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More DS web browser details emerge


The Armchair Empire recently interviewed Opera's Executive Vice President of Devices, Scott Hedrick, about his company's upcoming DS web browser. And while Hedrick opted to leave the juiciest details to be revealed by Nintendo at a later date, he was willing to offer up some new tidbits about the browser. Currently, the version of Opera that is functioning on the DS will allow users to surf the entire Internet, but it doesn't support Flash—Nintendo has not announced the availability of upgrades (or parental control).

In addition, the Opera browser will feature two display settings: fit-to-width & DS mode. Fit-to-width utilizes dual-screen scrolling for an expanded view, while DS mode displays an overview of the webpage on the bottom screen with a movable (via stylus) pink box, which is used to highlight the area of the page that appears in the top screen. Unfortunately, Hedrick was unable to comment on the Opera browser's availability outside of Japan.

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