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Enigmo 2 trailer, demo released

David Chartier

For those unfamiliar, Enigmo is a really slick, unique puzzle game from Pangea Software that's been around for a few years now. The game's description at Apple's download site is a good summary of what you're up against: "A 3D puzzle game where you construct mechanisms to direct lasers, plasma, and water to toggle switches, deactivate force-fields, and eventually get them to their final destination."

Pangea Software has released what looks like a great sequel, Enigmo 2 - and I'm downloading a demo as I write this. The new version "takes the concept to a whole new dimension with much more complex environments and all-new devices," and from the screenshots at Pangea Software's site, I don't think they're kidding around. To get an idea of how the game works, check out the trailer Apple has posted.

While the first Enigmo ran on both Mac OS 9 and X, Enigmo 2 is a universal binary and exclusive to OS X. I don't know how long the demo is good for, but a full license will run you $29.95.

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