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Get AIM on your PSP


Well, it looks like Stage One has been achieved, if only not via AOL itself. Thanks to a convenient little web-proxy, PSP users with browsing capabilities can now access their AOL Instant Messenger accounts wherever they have an Internet connection. AIMonPSP is free for use and looks to be supported primarily by Google Ads, and while we can't absolutely vouch for your security and safety if you do choose to use their client, we can at least confidently say that this isn't a bogus service. We'd go nuts having to type out our chats via the PSP's text message-esque interface, so we heartily recommend keeping an eye out for a PSP keyboard.

We talked about the potential of Instant Messaging for the PSP before, so we're pretty excited at what this could lead to down the road. And while this isn't exactly the first-party support we were expecting, the popularity of this free service could very well prove to AIM, Yahoo, or Google that Instant Messaging on the PSP could be a very viable option.

[Thanks, Dave, via The Raw Feed]

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