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MechAssault: Phantom War coming to the DS

Dan Choi

MechAssault, the first multiplayer linchpin of Xbox Live, will soon be coming to a Dual Screen near you.

MechAssault: Phantom War is not being developed by the Xbox series originator, Day:1:Studios (MA3 on 360, anybody?), but it will feature more mech-jackin' and third-person mech action on the DS later this year. We wonder what kind of 3D visuals the developer of Death Jr. can pull off on Nintendo's handheld, and whether PW will be any good.

A more pressing question might be whether the four-player wireless mode means full Wi-Fi support or a skimpy local play mode. Once Metroid Prime Hunters is out (with its lobby-based voice chat), providing any less DS multiplayer support could undermine the game's sales run before its ever gets started. At least the title's portable-primed publishers didn't try to find a cheesy equivalent for DS to follow the MA name; we almost thought that the game would be called MechAssault: Dark Screenshot (judging by the many nighttime shots we found for the Xbox sequel).

[Thanks, Jesse, mandarin, & ian]

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