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Flight Paths


Ever flown from Theramore to Auberdine?  I'd personally recommend not bothering - though the thirteen minute flight does cover some lovely scenery, it's faster to take the boat back to the Eastern Kingdoms, and then catch another boat to Auberdine.  Flight paths across Azeroth sometimes seem odd - most of them are anything but a straight line, and not all flight masters are connected in the most obvious way.  (As an example, until recently you could not fly from Western to Eastern Plaguelands.)  Community manager Caydiem has announced some small improvements in this area, including flight paths from Tarren Mill to Sepulcher, Ironforge to Light's Hope Chapel, and the possibility of flight masters in Ratchet.  Caydiem also hints at a larger change - single-click from point A to point B without having to talk to the flight master at every stop?  We'll see!

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